Buddha's Hand Citron

The Buddha's Hand Citron is an odd looking fruit and is /actually one of the oldest members of the citrus family. It smells strongly of Lemon, but has no juicy pulp hidden beneath its rind.  It is grown commercially for its powerful zest and holds a very powerful and delightful scent. Enjoy Buddha Hands as a seasonal ornamental fruit or in any recipe that calls for lemon zest.

buddhashandIntensely fragrant, wonderfully weird. Use for cooking or floral arrangements. Available November to January. Sold by count.


Additional Information:

A great discussion of Buddha's Hand Citron from "Food in China: a cultural and historical inquiry, By Frederick J. Simoons.

Buddha's Hand, Citrus Magazine (PDF 41.49MB)


Carolyn Carter's Candied Buddah's Hand Rind