Femminello Santa Teresa

feminello“Which lemon should I use to make limoncello?”  It’s a question that took us on an interesting journey. For years, friends and customers had made limoncello with standard supermarket lemons like Eureka and Lisbon, even the flowery flavored Meyer lemon, with disappointing results.  How did they make limoncello in Italy?

To find out, we began to research Italian and Spanish lemon varieties. With the help of Willits & Newcomb Nursery, we taste-tested 7 or 8 varieties they had growing in their variety collection. We spent early mornings tasting with chefs in the back room of Monterey Market in Berkeley and enlisted the help of San Francisco Chronicle food writers.  We even made a trip to the Sorrento Coast of Italy.
So, which lemon should you use to make limoncello? Our answer is Femminello St. Teresa, an Italian lemon  prized for its abundant rind oil, exquisite flavor, low seed count and high juice content. For limoncello, or any use, this is an excellent lemon.


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