Kumquats & Kumquat Hybrids

The beautiful golden orbs beloved for eating fresh (rind and all) or for making sauces and marmalades. True kumquats are species of Fortunella, a citrus relative.They have been hybridized with many types of  true citrus.

David Karp's story on kumquats
David Karp on Kumquat and Kumquat Hybrid Varieties

California Citrus Specialties offers 5 varieties of kumquats and kumquat hybrids:


Fukushu Kumquat Hybrid
Large, thin skinned, juicy kumquat hybrid known as Changshou in Japan. Thought to be a kumquat-mandarin hybrid. Sweet rind with sweet-tart juice. Available in December.


meiwa Meiwa Kumquat
Small, round kumquat with sweet rind and flesh. Superior to Nagami (the oblong kumquat with meiwa in the photo at left). Available February to March.

nordmann Nordmann Kumquat
Seedless form of the popular, oblong kumquat Nagami. Available December to February.

variegatedcalamondinVariegated Calamondin
Calamondin is also known as calamonsi and prized in many Asian dishes This variety has unique, white striped foliage and young fruit. Mature fruit is bright orange, juicy and also popular in marmalades. Available December to January.


Indio Mandarinquat
Beautiful, large, bright orange bright orange fruit with the shape of  Minneola tangelo. Very juicy. Available December to February.